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Adam. K - USA / Macau

I spent 18 months in Macau. The first 3 or 4 months were tough...until I found Corrine, Inception and the group of people who shared the misery and euphoria of Corrine's workouts. 5:45 in the morning sounds early unless it includes the best part of the day. Workouts are never the same and the group is welcoming and supportive. Corrine has created a inclusive culture of acceptance, motivation and success that is infectious to the point that you don't want to miss... Even if it's a hill day. Make no mistake you will be sore day 2,3 and 4 but no one in Macau is a better advocate for YOUR health and fitness.

Thanks Corrine.

Matt. S - USA / Macau

I’ve been attending Inception group boot camps & trainings for 1.5 years. It is without doubt one of the my favorite parts about living in Macau. Corinne is fun, engaging and always changes up the routine. Best of all, it is a great group of people to start the day with.

Adina. S - Europe / Macau

I trained with Corinne for almost a year, we went trough great and challenging experiences, from bootcamp, boxing and running, to dragon boat and cycling- powerful and unique sessions, each and every one! Corinne is more than just an awesome trainer, she is a great friend which "injected" in us the motivation and the passion of living fit and healthy, she is our adviser on nutrition and recovery, pushing us above and beyond our limits so we can prove ourselves that WE CAN reach those fitness levels and that nothing is impossible. I enjoyed every single session, the group- the super funny, friendly and determined Inception team, being there at 5:45AM every single morning to experience that unique "love and hate" relationship with Corinne- I miss all those great times since I moved over to Singapore.
"Being fit and healthy isn't a fad or a trend. It's a lifestyle!" I'm living by these words until now. I cannot be more thankful that I met Corinne and I had my chance to train with her, even for a short while. 

Graziela. L - Macau

I am glad I dared to try Corrine’s Boot Camp! I met Corinne on a very early winter morning and went expecting something not different from what I tried before BUT I had so much more...Corinne will motivate and inspire you to be fitter, stronger, leaner and the healthiest you have ever been. 

Can you imagine waking up at 5:30am for boot camp? It easy because the inception classes are filled with variety to alternate cardio, endurance and strength training that makes it worth getting up for! 

Felicia. C - Macau 

I joined Inception over a year ago and it has changed my life since; physically and socially. Not only is Corinne's training super tough, fun & interesting all at the same time. I've also met a group of wonderful people who's here in Macau from all over the world, some of which I've became close friends with.

Inception is not just about health, fitness and hard core bootcamp training. It's about a group of people with different backgrounds coming together to share the same goal - train hard, keep fit and have fun! Through Inception & Corinne's leadership, we have formed a social family where we support, encourage and push each other to better ourselves.

Corinne's classes are never boring coz she's always changing it up with her crazy workout ideas and the massive variety of equipments that she owns. Not to mention she'll be working you so hard, there's no time to be bored and the only thing you'll be thinking is, "when is this class over so I can rest and feel good about myself? lol!"

I definitely recommend Inception Fitness for those who want to get into an active fitness regime and also to meet a group of crazy wonderful people who know how to have fun during these tough bootcamp/cardio boxing training!

Renata. B - Portugal / Macau

The best fitness training i have ever experienced. Corinne is the best professional i met in this field. With her the results are 100% guaranteed!

Jacqueline. V - Canada / Macau

I took Corinne's BoxFit and Boot Camp classes for 8 months and loved every minute of it. The classes were challenging, fun and quite varied from class to class. I loved how you never knew what you would be doing until you got there! The people in my classes were great and we had a lot of laughs while working hard. I would highly recommend Inception Health & Fitness to anyone who is interested in increasing their fitness levels. Two thumbs up!

Tanya. B - Canada / Macau

I trained with Corinne for about 10 months and she was absolutely fantastic. We never had the same class twice! She always changed it up! I had never participated in a boot camp class before and I was terrified. I didn't think I could do it!! But, after the first few weeks, I started to feel strong!! We trained hard!! My favorite class was boxing, but boot camp was amazing as well!! Corinne is a wonderful person and she pushes you hard, but you love her for it!! I can honestly say I was in the best shape of my life! A big thanks to Corinne!! You are amazing!!

Elena ZD - Europe / Macau

I love the Inception... love the coach ! My time in Macau :) wouldn't be enjoyable if I wouldn't meet this fitness group. I really start to enjoy being active for the first time in my live and loving my body. Thanks to the coach I feel confident in most fitness groups that I've been since I left Macau. If I ever get back to Macau I will definetly re-join the team! ...I'm officially Inception Fan.

Tanya.. C - Australia / Macau

I trained with Corinne for over a year and got the best results I have ever had! During my time with Inception I became fitter than I’ve ever been, going from barely being able to run 4km to competing in the 30km TrailHiker. Corinne is always motivating and suggesting new events and activities to keep you interested and challenged. The Group Sessions were tough but fun and I don’t think we ever did the same workout twice. The training was outdoors and in a variety of venues in Taipa and Coloane, which I loved - much better than a gym. It is one of the things I most enjoyed about my time in Macau, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to meet a great group of people and get fitter.

Kirsten. P - Canada / Macau

I discovered the amazing Corinne through friends and colleagues while working in Macau! I have fond memories of participating in a variety of fitness classes with Corinne and other fitness junkies! Working out at unique venues such as the Taipa Grande Nature Park, Taipa Houses Museum, the covered square in Old Taipa and the TIS gymnasium always kept working out exciting and fresh! I looked forward to Corinne's classes. Her lessons were thoughtfully planned, ensuring all participants were constantly reaching new fitness levels. Corinne always rocked great tunes to motivate us during boxing sessions & bootcamp! Corinne is kind and sincere, she takes the time to get to know you on a personal level. In August I moved back to Canada and miss Corinne and her awe-inspiring classes. I continue to work out and often find myself pushing myself to run faster or do more reps as a result of the time I spent with Corinne. Her passion for health and fitness is contagious! I sincerely believe that Corinne's fitness spirit will always be with me! 

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” 

~ A.A Milne

Claudia. H - Australia / Macau

Getting back into exercise and training is something everyone wants to do. the ability to hold on to that want when your muscles hurt and your tired, busy and a little lazy is not an easy task. So the ability of the trainer becomes just as important as the training. Corrine provides excellent training, tailored to your needs, adaptable to fit your level, its always interesting, varied and although i pretend its not, it is always fun. This i've seen before and many group classes are equal to Inception in this way. However here is where Corrine and Inception up the game, the value and the experience, its all in the trainer, knowing that Corrine puts in the effort to keep us motivated, committed and on task every session, that she goes above and beyond with the level of support and time to keep us on track and understands what we need to reach our goals. 

i am that person in the back of the class looking for the easy way, the one who is busy , who just does enough, but with Inception i am encouraged, gentle pushed and called out on it when necessary to up my game and to reach my goals. Knowing that your trainer rates her success by your success really gives you the support and the desire to work as hard as you can and push yourself to reach your potential.

Inception is money well spent, time well used and effort well given.

Jennifer. E - Australia / Macau

2 weeks before my 40th Birthday, I reached out to Corrine. Enlisting a personal trainer felt like a desperate last resort. My husband bought me the 16 week Commitment Package. Since then I have not looked back. My fitness level has sky rocketed; I have lost 10kg so far (with a few weeks to go) and now have to buy a whole new wardrobe. I am finally in control of my body and my lifestyle. Corinne has given me the tools and confidence to do this.


Her program was well thought out, well planned with plenty of variation. She added so much more value to her personal training then what I could have ever hoped for. Continual feedback, motivating communications and nutritional information has far surpassed my original expectations. Even knowing she has a busy client listing, I always felt like I was her only client.


Fitness is now once again a part of my life, and I have Corinne to thank for this. I just needed the courage and commitment to make the change!

David. J - Australia /Macau

I started working with Corinne after my wife received some amazing results. Not only did she help me lose 15kg (95kg -80kg) her advice on nutrition and lifestyle choices has allowed me to keep the weight off.

I would highly recommend Corinne. Her energy, exerptise and personal attention have been truly transformational.
Christina. C - Canada / Macau

I've had the pleasure of knowing and training with Corinne for about a year now. She is an inspirational trainer! Her patience, expertise and drive has helped set me on the road to a healthier and happier life. Corinne's enthusiasm is infectious and her training techniques inspire confidence and growth. I am now training at a level that I would not have thought possible a year ago. I look forward to each session with Corinne and each session is different from the last. She is extremely committed to the health and wellness of her clients and I feel blessed that I know her and that she pushes me each and everyday to be the best I can be!

Amanda. K - Canada / Macau

Corinne is a fantastic trainer. She pushes you hard and makes sure that you work but keeps things light and fun with current upbeat music. She is very encouraging and knows when you need that little extra push to keep going. Her classes are great too! She uses different training methods and changes up the routines and locations so it's always exciting and energising. She has whipped my butt into shape and I have never felt stronger or more confident in my body. 


Lorna. E - Australia / Macau

Choosing Corinne to be my personal trainer has been the best decision I have ever made. I came to a point in my life where I wasn't happy with my fitness and my body.

I originally signed up for a 4 week, 12 session package but extended to the another 12 week package once I was hooked.

From start to finish, the level of professional service given to me was outstanding. Corinne was always in contact with me to make sure that I was feeling ok, no injuries and best of all encouraging me to keep moving. I loved the diversity of the training sessions and the constant mixing up of my routine, never knowing what I would be expected to do. I now know how to use the weights and equipment in the gym the correct way and am confident that I can do this on my own.

I have now finished my training package with Corinne. Over the time of my training I have lost an amazing 13kgs, including 21cm off my belly and 17cm off my chest, 10.5cm off each of thigh! The list goes on. These results have transformed me into a healthy and energetic 41year old who now has bundles of energy to run around after the kids. I have also had to purchase a new wardrobe and finally feel comfortable in my new body.

Thank you Corinne for being an amazing personal trainer and friend. I will miss all our sessions together.

Christina. W - UK / Macau

How do you improve on perfection?
I have had a few trainers over the years in many countries, but very few have matched my expectations. You have done a grand job! Very professional and always full of enthusiasm. Your ability to always come up with a great variety of exercises kept me motivated! Excellent work! Thank you so much!!

Nicky. G - New Zealand / Macau

As a new arrival to Macau I was really keen to find a personal trainer to maintain my current fitness. I had just completed a two day 234km multi sports event and wanted to build on my training and create  a good exercise routine during my time in Macau.

Corinne is a great trainer, very professional and skilled in her area. She provided me with a comprehensive fitness and body assessment and tailored and documented a training program to suit my needs and goals.

She offered variety in my training, whether inside in the gym or outdoors. Training included TRX, boxing, track, interval training, circuits and weights. She also went above and beyond with providing transport picking me up for outdoor training and offering healthy eating advice. 

Corinne is very encouraging and motivating, she helped me achieve my goals and I feel great!

I highly recommend.

Greg. K  - Ireland / Macau

I had done some exercise in the past and considered myself to be generally very active. I had recently found myself getting board with exercise so decided to look for a trainer that would help with my motivation. 

I was recommended to see Corinne at Inception Health and Fitness. I trained with Corinne for six weeks and found the program to be challenging but at the same time rewarding, now feeling fitter and stronger than ever before. I now feel motivated to make exercise a priority in my life.  Corinne has provided me with the tools I needed to get back on track.

Thank you Corinne for your motivation, support and expertise!

Caroline. L - Australia / Macau

I've been training with Corinne on and off for the last two years. I travel a lot so my schedule is far from routine. Corinne is very professional, honest and caring, showing genuine concern for my health well being. Her positive attitude and motivation provides a great training environment. She makes training fun so it's an environment that one wants to come back to. 
She has helped me achieve and maintain a healthy weight by providing me with a training plan for travelling, nutritional advice for on the go eating and when I'm back in Macau I train with her as often as I can. I'm obtaining my goals and won't be going elsewhere.

Emily. H - UK / Macau

I was new to PT when I met Corinne. I'd always thought that wasn't something for me and never really thought I would gain having a personal trainer. I was wrong! Corinne is the perfect balance of professionalism, fun, and genuine interest in my fitness and well-being. I look and feel the best I have for a long time.
You're the best! Thank you!

Kirsten. H - Australia / Macau

I can not thank Corinne enough for all the help and support, terrific training programs she has provided me. I could not have reached my goal without her.
Thank you!

Julie. P - Australia / Macau

I moved to Macau from Australia in January this year and was fortunate enough to be introduced to Corrine and her boot camp classes a week into being here. I thought I was fit, but I have been challenged, mentored and encouraged to push myself beyond what I believed I could do. I am fitter, stronger, leaner and the healthiest I have ever been! Recently competing in the 30 km trailhiker is the proof that with commitment and a trainer like Corrine by your side, you really can achieve anything. I so look forward to my daily classes and training with a great group of girls and guys. I highly recommend Corrine and Inception Health and Fitness. You will not regret your decision to train with her, whether it be in a class or one on one environment. A gorgeous woman who will motivate and inspire you!!

Claudia. B - Portugal / Macau

An amazing group with an awesome leader! I'm so glad I joined and the results couldn't be better!!!

Kylie. R - Australia / Macau

Well lets start with the fact that I am probably the hardest person to motivate :-)

You have put in countless hours helping me to help myself. Due to my work travel having you understand and keep encouraging me to return to class is priceless. 

I KNOW since the day I meet you I have never forgotten how important exercise and healthy living is and yes I still live a very full life...very very full :-)

Love bootcamp and boxing with you and the great bunch of people trying to keep themselves healthy and happy. Never boring and I think that is key!

Please stay in Macau for as long as I am here.

Lorna. E - Australia / Macau

You have inspired me to take a more active role in my life. I now enjoy working out and trying something new and transforming my body to a stronger, leaner me. Your class varieties keep me motivated as I don't know what to expect. You push us hard and get results. Thanks

Samantha. B - Australia / Macau

Can't wait for babe #3 to be here so I can get back to having my butt kicked by Corinne!! :) Loved the kid friendly classes we had organised, and the boxing... total all over workout!

Leung. Y - Macau

Great team, excellent trainer, makes you feel strong both mentally and physically!!!

Jaclyn. M - Canada / Macau

I was lucky enough to train with Corinne for close to a year. During that time, my fitness level increased and I saw drastic changes in my strength and body composition. Corinne is motivational, supportive and encouraging. She is always a quick message away, where she is willing to offer advice on nutrition and exercise, or to ensure you are healthy and safe in your training. Every class is fun and leaves you feeling as though you've accomplished something. I definitely recommend signing up to work with Corinne as you won't be disappointed! I miss her and her classes every day! Xo

Winnie. W  - Malaysia / Macau 

Highly recommended! Corrine is certified and is a very experienced trainer. Love the variety of classes and the awesome people I have met!! She caters to all levels of fitness even kids. My fitness level has improved. I've even started running so it's definitely a first of many towards making lifestyle changes that last! Thanks Corrine! Wx

Trang. D - Australia / Macau

Amazing group of people who motivated by Corrine to stay healthy. I exercise with the group 2-4 times a week for the last 3 months. It has been very effective and I love Corrine's stamina. She's professional, well equipped with various "toys" for bootcamp. Boxing is also fun. I highly recommend Inception Health and Fitness to anyone who wants to become healthier and happier.

Donna. H - Australia / Macau

I am a work on progress and that couldn't happen without Corinne's continuous support and encouragement. Corinne's classes are always exciting, fun and challenging which has helped Corrine build a loyal and strong group of lovely, healthy, active followers. We all look forward to our weekly, some daily sessions.

Gina. T - UK / Macau

Making time in my schedule to take full advantage of Inception Health and Fitness classes has been one my best decisions! Over the course of a year and a half, Corinne's training and motivation has helped me stay on the path of fitness and achieve a new level of health and fitness I haven't had since my 20's! The inception classes are filled with variety to alternate cardio, endurance and strength training - and the 6am classes are always worth getting up for! Thanks, Corinne.

Cara. S - UK / Macau

I never thought I would like exercise, have throughly enjoyed the first 12 weeks of my transformation with Corrine! Thank you for the support!

Chris. G - UK / Macau

Great trainer and lots of helpful tips of places to train. Always offering information for events to take part in.

Tanya. J - Australia / Macau

Meeting Corinne and joining her classes has been one of the most positive aspects about our time in Macau. Always challenging, the classes are fun and dynamic. I feel stronger and definitely have a much better understanding of my body and what it needs now than ever before. My daughter has also evolved into a much healthier version of herself and joins in with some of Corinne's classes, so we are learning together and making healthier choices together. The classes are inclusive with a range of fitness levels at each one.

Nicky. G - New Zealand / Macau

Love corrine and her work, encouragement, motivation and fun training sessions. Definitely recommend - she makes you work hard but have fun and everyone who takes her classes are lovely and friendly. NG :)

Lorraine. G - UK / Macau

Corrine has worked with me as my personal trainer and also with group training including boxing, Bootcamp and trail hiker training. She has always pushed me to my limit and beyond and I have found strength that I never believed I could have. Corrine has given me so much more than just exercise classes, she has motivated me, pushed me, guided me with my diet, educated me on life style choice and supported me to achieve my goals. Inception will not only help you to feel great but you will make some great friends along the way.

Cecilia. W - USA / Macau

Need motivation to exercise? Looking for a change to your daily workout? Are you up for a challenge? Inception Health and Fitness is the place to go! They have a wide variety of different types of training which makes each session a new experience. Corinne is very knowledgeable about what it takes to really help you reach your goals. As long as you're willing to commit the time and effort, you will see results with Inception Health and Fitness.

JoLyn. A - USA / Macau

For those of you who know me well, know that I don't exercise and I especially don't run...well until recently. The opportunity came up, calling my name...and despite my fears of failure and the unknown, I took a leap of faith and placed my health and fitness in Corinne's hands. And since that day, not only has MY life changed, but that of my HUSBAND's and our family. Health and fitness is now a LIFESTYLE for us and the results show. Thank you Corinne and Inception Health & Fitness for helping us to get and stay ACTIVE! Keep moving everyone!!!!

Yvonne & Dave. S - Canada / Macau

Working out with Corinne at bootcamp and boxfit classes continues to be fun and challenging. The routines are always varied with modifications to exercises provided so all fitness levels are challenged. Corinne has a way of motivating and pushing you out of your comfort zone. We have been running for many years, have gone through a lot of different exercise groups and quite honestly, this is the very first time we have have found any one that can make us want to do just that. We highly recommend Inception Health & Fitness - come out and give it a go! You'll be surprised at what you are capable of! Dave and Yvonne Spreadbury

Silvea. K - Indonesia / Macau

I love her classes because she always motivated me to work harder which is what I need.I feel have more energy and stronger every time.Thanks Corinne

Ringo. S - Macau

My experience with Inception is excellent. Nowadays Macau morning is full of action where you don't just see people playing serious TaiChi, ironman running or cycling but also the Inception group doing the fitness transformation. Amazing! As a local I am fascinated to see how successful the coach - Corinne has established this workout playgroup and penestrated this fitness living motto to Macau community. The kind of workout is so much in variety in conjunction with running , kicking, punching and lot more can't really describe all. In inception I also found all kinds of friends with many in common - which is positive energy and healthy living style in many way that's somehow contagious. I am so glad to be introduced to this group and highly recommend to anyone who wants to be maintain fit and health lifestyle.

Meegan. L - New Zealand / Macau

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for teaching me how to exercise again this year. I absolutely love it and really feel you have changed my life for ever.