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Inception Health & Fitness (IH&F) was founded by Corinne Mackay in NSW, Australia in 2002. After 10 years of international experience working abroad in Asia, Corinne is now back in the Illawarra.  2020  will see her brand new fitness Studio "STUDIO 2516" opening it's doors in Bulli. The new Studio will be solely a Personal Training Studio offering functional and practical strategies for clients to incorporate health and well being into their lives.   

Corinne's Australian qualifications  include Cert III & IV in Fitness, Level 1 CrossFit trainer and Bosu training.
International qualifications include, ISSA - Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition, Power Plate training, IKFF - Kettle Bells, TP - Trigger Point Therapy, TRX - Suspension & Rip trainer, Viper training, Absolute Boxing - Boxing Fitness and Ian O'dwyers - OD on movement.

Corinne is also one of the Australian Ambassadors for Global Wellness Day - GWD, formerly Macau's GWD Ambassador. GWD is an Internationally recognised movement that encourages healthy diets, exercise and emotional well being throughout the world. GWD Ambassadors work to spread a lasting awareness of living well for all people. 

Depending on your goals you may experience a number of different training methodologies used in your program. These  training programs deliver a constant mix of training strategies, with well rounded and continuously motivating workouts week after week to meet client needs 

  • Resistance training with free weights and machines
  • Power Plate - Whole body vibration accelerated training 
  • TRX Suspension training - Core strength training leveraging gravity and body weight.
  • TRX Rip training - Developing core strength, explosive power and flexibility
  • BOSU Balance training - Developing balance and core strength
  • ViPR training - Loaded movement training
  • Free form board training - Multi directional dynamic movement training
  • Kettle bell training - Dynamic and ballistic resistance training
  • HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training
  • Boxing fitness -  Muscular endurance and cardiovascular training