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5:45am Sunrise Training Session: Boxing Fitness - Hac Sa Esplande - Coloane, Macau     


Inception Health & Fitness (IH&F) was founded by Corinne Mackay in NSW, Australia in 2002. After 10 years of international experience working abroad in Asia, IH&F is now back in the Illawarra. IH&F uses functional and practical strategies for clients to incorporate health and well being into their lives.  

IH&F offers comprehensive group training for all fitness levels including children, personal training and fitness nutrition.  IH&F aims to make training fun and interactive with sessions held indoors and outdoors. What ever training you choose IH&F strives towards personal satisfaction and positive changes for all.

IH&F training programs deliver a constant mix of training strategies ensuring clients receive well rounded and continuously motivating workouts week after week. 

The variety of training methodologies used at IH&F are:  

  • Resistance training with weights
  • Power Plate - Whole body vibration accelerated training 
  • TRX Suspension training - Core strength training leveraging gravity and body weight.
  • TRX Rip training - Developing core strength, explosive power and flexibility
  • BOSU Balance training - Developing balance and core strength
  • ViPR training - Loaded movement training
  • Free form board training - Multi directional dynamic movement training
  • Kettle bell training - Dynamic and ballistic resistance training
  • Sprint / HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training
  • Boxing fitness -  Muscular endurance and cardiovascular training
  • Bootcamps - Muscular endurance, strength & cardiovascular training
  • Circuit training - Muscular endurance, strength & cardiovascular training
  • Kids fitness  -  Fitness concepts with games and basic sprint technique and development